Treating the Property as a Whole

Factoring in the neighborhood and collaborating with other specialists

What We Treat

  • General Pests
  • Ant Infestations
  • Inspections
  • Scorpions
  • Mosquitoes
  • Rodents

We Guarantee

We will provide a high-quality pest management service, with the principles of health care for the property, and our strong focus of quality results and customer satisfaction.

We use precision methods and advanced, name brand products with environmentally friendly strategies.

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Mayo Past Management collaborates with other specialties and can often be found working with the Home Sealing Experts, Mike and William, at Seal Out Scorpions.

A Strategy for Every Season

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Winter in Arizona has become more like Spring.  This results in less pests dying off.  This is the best time to start prevention.

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Spring is also warmer in days past.  Pest activity starts much earlier and this is the time to continue prevention or start progress.

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Summer months, with high temperatures, give pests all the advantage. During this time maintaining is the focus.

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Fall is a very active for pests as the temperatures turn milder.  Preventing or minimizing wintering down is essential.

A Focused and Results Driven Plan for Pest Control

Pest management should be conducted with similar principles of health care. With a holistic approach, optimal results can be achieved to maintain, manage or cure your current or reoccurring pest issues.

Mayo Pest Management uses a holistic pest management approach in the process of evaluating and treating your property as a whole. This means we look well beyond the pest. The home structure, yard, surrounding environment, weather patterns, residents’ concerns and how the home is utilized is factored into our treatment plans.

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Treatments for properties are prescriptive in nature and take into consideration specific conditions and variable. When insecticide treatments are used they are custom mixed on-site, for your specific property, pests and need.

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