Plagued by Ants?

Finding Ants in or close to your home?

Ants are an amazing creature.  They are just not amazing in or around our homes.

They are becoming more of a problem and it’s essential to know the species that are invading your property in order to maximize control.

While they are easy to kill on the surface, most times that’s not the solution and the problem will persist.

First Step

Determine Ant Species

Austin, with the support of Entomologists can determine what type of Ant is invading your home.

Second Step

Prescriptive Treatment

Conduct a curative treatment plan specific for your property and species of Ants.

Third Step

Reoccurrence Plan

Ensure success and develop plan to prevent future Ant invasions.

Treatments Guided by a PhD Entomologist

Georgia from Seal Out Scorpions, along with her lead Technician at Mayo Pest Management, is working with clients to rid their Ant issue.  Treatments are prescriptive to your property and specific species of Ants with the guidance of a PhD Entomologist.

Clients’ homes will be monitored for success and data will be provided to the top industry manufacturer to ensure best outcomes. Not only are we able to help our clients, but we are able to do our small part in supporting the research and development for efficacy and responsible treatment plans.

Let us solve your Ant problem.

  • What is the issue? How long has it been an issue? Have you previously treated this issue?