Why doesn't mosquito control work?

It takes more than a bandaid approach

Mosquitoes are getting worse, becoming harder to control and, now more than ever, are a public and family health issue.

The bandaid mosquito control methods only provide temporary relief, if any at all. On top of that, we don’t have control over our neighbors’ homes or the surrounding areas. However, there are remedies to protect our home and family from this growing mosquito problem.

Step One

Locate the Source

Find and identify the multiple sources on your property and surrounding areas with a property screening

Step Two

Determine the Species

Identify the species of mosquitoes and develop a multi-faceted treatment plan

Step Three

Maintain Treatment

Treat monthly during the months of March through November for maintenance and prevention

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There are multiple breeding and harborage areas for mosquitoes. Most of these areas are quite hidden or not obvious.

Additionally, there are different species of mosquitoes and different treatments needed. Not all treatments work for all species.

A consistent and multi-faceted approach is needed. Not only do you obtain mosquito management results, it will boost helping control the general pest population.

What are the management strategies for Mosquitoes?

It depends:

  • What are the contributing factors on your property and the surrounding area?
  • What mosquito species are causing the problem?
  • What is your tolerance level with mosquitoes?
  • What resources are you willing to use to address the issue?

Step 1

Identify the sources with a property screening

Mosquitoes are not easily controlled and a trained professional is needed to really understand the obvious and not so obvious sources.

A thorough screening with a property layout report should be done.

Step 2

Identify the Species

Different species respond to different treatments. In order to best achieve the desired results, it is imperative to figure out what type of mosquito is causing your problems.

From there a comprehensive treatment plan is determined.

Step 3

Treat Repeatedly

Once a Prescriptive Treatment Plan is developed for your property, an initial treatment is needed addressing all sources and mosquito stages of life.

Multi-mosquitocides, various trapping, lighting and misting technquites along with alterations from the months of March to November should be used.


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