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Pesticides are like Medicines to the Property

Pesticides and pharmaceuticals are very similar and that is why we say insecticides are like “medicines” to the property. The Society of Chemical Industry has an excellent article in Volume 67, Issue 7 pages 790-797, July 2011 Similarities between the discovery and regulation of pharmaceuticals and pesticides: in support of a better understanding of the risks and benefits of each.

The general public view of pesticides tend to me more negative than that of pharmaceuticals. However, with responsible use, both can be beneficial. Without responsible use both can have negative effects. However, pests do not only create damage to property, they can bring disease and life- threatening situations. The use of pesticides in a responsible manner can not only reduce or prevent damage to a structure, but can reduce or prevent illness, disease or life threatening situations and the option or need for medications that need to be injected or ingested.

Both require registration based on science, study and trials. Pharmaceuticals by the FDA and Pesticides by the EPA. There are “supplements” that do not require FDA registrations as well as “natural repellents’ that do not require EPA registration (e.g. DE, Cedar Oils).

The responsible use of pesticides, within an IPM program, can provide health benefits reducing or protecting us from disease and life-threatening conditions as well as provide economic benefits in protecting our home structures from damage.


Scorpion Sting can result in Anaphylactic Shock requiring AnaScorp Antivenom
Mosquitoes are vector of disease

Rats are vectors of disease as well as can chew wires creating damage to electrical systems, start fires, drop urine and feces inside attics and walls.

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