Pest Control with a Holistic Approach

A type of "health care" for your property against the pests that can plague it

First Step

Identify the Problem & Goal

Second Step

Strategize the Custom Treatment Plan

Third Step

Resolve and Maintain Results

The Mayo Difference

Mayo Pest Management was created from a need for specialized and high-end pest management.  The pest control market is saturated with sales and marketing companies in the pest control industry, many lower skilled technicians and cheap ineffective services.  With 20+ years of highly successful management experience, treating for Arizona Bark Scorpions as well as some of the most difficult pest issues, we have a comprehensive approach to help our Clients get the desired results.

Many pest control companies claim they “do it all”, but they don’t do it all well.

We specialize in Arizona Bark Scorpion Control, Rodents, Mosquitoes, Ants and other general pests.  If a pest issue is not within the scope of our specialty, we collaborate with scientists, entomologists and other professionals to aid us in our treatments or refer our clients to specific specialty providers.

Every Property is Unique and Requires an Individual Treatment Plan

This is a Health Care Approach, Treating the “Disease of Pests”, for Your Property
The More Information You Provide, the More Specific We Can Be for Plan of Treatment

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Our Treatments

Treatments for Your Property are Prescriptive in Nature
Treatment Plans Vary by Property, as well as Vary by Season

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Build the Immune System

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Change Paths and Prevent

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Control and Maintain

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Prevent Wintering Down

Service Commitment

Mayo Pest Management starts its commitment by staying very well educated, informed and having the ability to collaborate and pull upon resources from scientists, entomologists, top distributors and manufacturers within the pest control industry.

Our treatment plans are well thought and based on a number of variables affecting results. We use Integrated Pest Management methodology which minimizes risks while maximizing results.
When using insecticides, we start with name brand quality products. We focus on the exterior, working to prevent the need to treat interiors unless absolutely necessary. We custom mix products on site and for a property’s specific needs. We are mindful and compensate for hydrolysis and water pH levels which can have a negative effect on the efficacy of insecticides.

We use precision application techniques and avoid pre-mixed broadcast spraying that is highly diluted. This significantly minimizes residual exposure to pets and family. Like all general pest companies today, we primarily use the more environmentally friendly products and those that are more natural and derived from the chrysanthemum flower.

We commit to excellent service, support and working as part of a team to help you get and keep your property healthy from pests.

We Use the Highest Quality, Name Brand Products

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